Friday, March 9, 2012

The New Ride

That's the new ride. 2003 Saturn Vue 5-speed stick. As I don't do a lot of off-roading, the 4 wheel drive was not much of a concern. This gets 25 to 30 mpg, and with the gas prices the way they are, that's a good thing.

I have, after much prayerful deliberation, begun to sell off bunches of cards from my collection. The added cash flow has allowed the sewingmachinegal and I to invest in this ride. Yes, looking at binder of old cards is rewarding occasionally. Not nearly as rewarding as seeing the misses smile hugely at the sight of this blue beauty.

I am seeing things more clearly now. Gods blessings should not be taken for granted.


  1. Glad the decision is working out for you! It definitely made me reconsider how I collect even more, and I recently sold a large batch of my stuff for more needed cash. Still keeping a few collections going, and it's nice to see those go further with the extra capital saved up!

  2. Glad things are working out for you.

    But please don't be a stranger. A regular at Tiger Stadium, I've still never been to Comerica Park. Perhaps one of these days or years, a few of us within a few hours could meet there.

  3. Amen. Well said. Always nice to have the Mrs. happy.

  4. Pretty solid Want List you got there - good luck
    I have 3 more sets that are in the final stages of completion, than its time to dispose of all the clutter - daughter headed out of state for college.