Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Stuff I Did Today

Hey everyone. I have been kind of missing this old blog, so I thought I would throw out some randomness for you.
The weather today was spectacular. Sunny and 60. I took the sewingmachinedog for a long walk. Then we played fetch in the backyard. She will do anything for a little nibblet of cheddar cheese. She's getting up there in years, but a round of fetch brings out her puppy-ish side.
I went to a bible study with my dude's at church. Getting into the scriptures with 10 or so other guys is refreshing. Unearthing the meanings behind the words is exciting to me.
I made dinner for the sewingmachinegal. It was a simple meal consisting of hard boiled eggs (sliced and seasoned), a fresh avocado sprinkled with lemon juice, lime juice, olive oil, and a dash of kosher salt, some cheese and crackers, fresh cut carrots, and a splash of Rex-Goliath Pinot Noir. We sat together and just enjoyed the food and drink. No t.v. Just the new Newsboys cd playing quietly on the hi-fi. You'll have to ask your Dad what a hi-fi is.
Riding home from my Mom and Dads last evening, I smelled a burnt rubber or burnt plasticy smell coming from the new Saturn Vue. While stopped at a light, I saw a wisp of smoke rise from the steering column. "Oh crap! Not my new ride!", I thought. When I got home, I hit the dope light to see if I could spot anything that might be burning. It was too dark to see anything, but the turn signal lever was hot. Not warm, hot. I drove the vehicle to work today. One of my workers is a bit of a shade tree mechanic, and in no time, he had the steering column cover off, and the turn signal/headlight control module out of the car. "Here is your problem. [points to a loose wire and some fried wire]. I ran to AutoZone and bought a new one. My guy snapped it in, and voila, no smoldering steering column. What a relief that it was a small relatively easy fix.
I sifted through one of my old boxes of cards tonight. Not really looking for anything special, just something to add to this post. I found this card.
Now I remember why I liked collecting cards as a kid. And I suppose, why I still like it.
Peace, Larry the smg


  1. Look at all that snuggle!!! And that's a nice little mustache she's got goin' on there!

  2. A thing I hope I never have to observe in my lifetime: a wisp of smoke rising from my steering problem.

    Glad you found the problem before anything major occurred.

    And nice Wockenfuss!

  3. everybody should have a sewingmachinedog

  4. I took my '93 Buick in for inspection the other day and it passed, without needing anything to be done. For 18 years, it never passed inspection without needing at least $100 for something.

    It's the things like that, and the easy fixes like yours that are what it's all about.

  5. The Newsboys are one of my favorite groups! Great dog pic too.