Sunday, September 4, 2011


1986 Topps #690
This card came out of the box that my worker Jen gave me.
Back in the 80's,  didn't think Sandberg was that good. I saw lots of Cubs games on WGN, and he just didn't strike me as one of the best of his era.
Whenever I look at a card of a 2nd baseman that's in the Hall-of-Fame, I instantly think, "how do Lou Whitaker's stats compare."
Let's take a quick unscientific look shall we?
               WHITAKER          SANDBERG          
Games         2,390                        2,164
Hits             2,369                         2,386
HR's             244                            282
RBI             1,084                         1,061
RUNS         1,386                         1,318
SB's              143                            344
OPS             .789                           .795
FLD %         .984                           .989
As you can plainly see, Lou Whitaker has a strong case for Hall-of-Fame consideration.


  1. Second. Lou and Tram both deserved way more voter support than they got.

  2. If you look at the bottom of Whitaker's baseball-reference page:

    It shows that his career was most comparable to....drumroll....Ryne Sandberg!

    The rest of the Top 10 were: Alan Trammell, Roberto Alomar, Buddy Bell, Joe Morgan, Joe Torre, Ray Durham, Brian Downing, Barry Larkin, Julio Franco. Pretty good company.