Saturday, September 3, 2011

How Do I Know? Topps Tiffany

In Michigan, the sewing season runs from September 1st through May 1st. We only have about 3 months of actual Summer, and during the Summer, people are not inside sewing. There's camping, golfing, gardening, and all sorts of outdoor activities. When it cools off, our business picks up.
This week, we brought back one of the repair techs that we laid off for the Summer. Jen returned with a smile and a gift for her boss.
"These were in my parents basement. I think they were my Grandmas. She loved baseball.", she said as she pulled this box out of her backpack.
There is a big mish-mash of cards in this box. I will break down the contents in forthcoming posts.
But for this morning, I have a question about one of the cards.

A beautiful Jheri-curled Deion Sanders. Card number 110T is slightly glossy. Compared to a standard 1989 Topps, like this Terry Leach, the finish is different. In my brief scan of eBay this morning, I can't tell if this Deion is a regular Traded card or a Tiffany card.
Anyone know much about Tiffany? Thanks.


  1. That Deion is a Traded card. Tiffany cards are just like the main 792 set except they have glossy fronts and backs with a similar white cardstock like the Traded. I believe the traded came in a Tiffany version too but the fronts would have to be glossy.

  2. The front is glossier than the regular. Also, the Topps logo is white instead of black.

  3. Free cards are all good cards!

    That Deion is the base traded version.
    The "Glossy" not only has quite a bit-o-shine on the front of it, but the back is also missing the "copyright" line of text (in the lower left corner) on the backs of them.