Friday, September 2, 2011

I Bought a Hobby Box of Inception

After seeing some of the great looking 2011 Topps Inception football cards, I decided I wanted some.
The big joke with this set is that a "hobby Box" consists of ONE pack of SEVEN cards. Yes, you read that right.
DA Card World = $99.95
Blowout Cards = $95.95
Charm City = $99.99
Local Card Shops = $95 - $110
With those prices, I wasn't going to gamble on a box, er, pack of seven cards.
I went to eBay and built my own personal Hobby Box.
Each, ahem, Hobby Box contains 1 veteran base card, 3 serial numbered base parallels, and 3 rookie hits
Here's what I got:
Calvin Johnson Base
3 veteran serial #'d cards - Matt Stafford 70/75, Rashard Mendenhall 60/106, Roddy White 28/209
Jamie Harper Rookie on-card auto 361/600
Mikel Leshoure 2-color Jumbo Patch 147/158
Titus Young 4-color patch w/on-card auto 96/150
I got all 7 cards for a combined total of $58.72 shipped.
Yes, I didn't give myself a one in a million chance to pull a crazy low number of a rookie, of Newton or Ingram, but I ensured myself  four Lions, a couple of guys I like in Mendy and Roddy, and a possible future star running back in Harper.
Now you may laugh and say, "but smg, you got four Lions in your box, muhoowahahah!"
But I got the guys I wanted without getting stuck with a Bilal Powell.


  1. This is a hobby box I can get behind (insomuch as I can get behind something Topps made at this point). Good for you putting something together like this on the (relative) cheap. Also, people who are actually paying attention won't be laughing at the Lions much longer...

  2. Ha! I guess I can keep that Stafford 20/75 I just traded for last night at my lcs...

  3. Awesome. That is totally the right way to approach the "high-end" stuff. Pick up the cards you REALLY want on the secondary market...

  4. Good choice. But what is Calvin looking at?

  5. That's's how you do it! I'm inspired!