Saturday, August 6, 2011

Goodwin Champions ~ 3 Packs

Thursday, I bought one hobby pack of Goodwin Champions. Yesterday I bought two hobby packs at Legends Sports and Games in Woodland Mall. I also got the Vintage top-loaders that I needed for the '53's.
I could have bought a couple of packs of anything, but I decided to buy Upper Deck out of spite. The monopoly that Topps enjoys pisses me off as a collector.
Here we go... three packs of Goodwin Champions;
Pack 1; John Sullivan, Lebron, Gretchen Bliler, Custer (SP), Solo

Pack 2; Worthy mini, Canseco, Super Saver, Oil Can Boyd (SP), Howe

Pack 3; Handhi (SP), Miller, Jones, Robinson, Kerr

Not too bad. Three packs and three short prints.
I know it's not all your fault Topps, but you pay the price for your monopoly. Keep up the good work UD!


  1. You have any plans for that John L Sullivan??

  2. I'm collecting this set - and need the Gandhi and Custer - any interest in trading?

  3. I have not decided to take the plunge. Sure. I will deal. Hit me with an e-mail. It's in my profile.