Friday, August 5, 2011

A Pack of Lineage

No, I didn't buy this at the National.
Why are I not there when it's a 2 hour drive from my house? Why are I not there when I have never been to one? Don't I love Chicago even when there is no card show? Good questions.
I would have liked to be there to mingle with collectors, blogger buddies, company execs, and groupies. There's card groupies, right?
Anyway, as a way to scratch the cardboard itch that was created after reading all the great Show posts, I stopped by Rookies Cards & Comics in Lowell Mi. yesterday on my way home from work. I stopped there with the intent of buying some Vintage size top-loaders for the cigar box cards that still need protecting. Rookies had the Vintage penny sleeves, but not the loaders. That meant the $10 bucks that I had set aside for baseball card related stuff would go to baseball cards.
Rookies has a great selection of cards. They're a HTA shop.
I snagged one $5 pack of 2011 Topps Lineage, and one $4.50 pack of 2011 Goodwin. Yeah, I know I swore off Goodwin until I completed the 2009 set. Oh well, sue me.
The Lineage;

Here are the six base cards that I pulled. Six all-stars. Why don't I feel enthused? These are boring cards. What is this set trying to be or do? The back of the Longo starts, "Based on sabermetrics..." Really?
As I slid back the cards, I spotted a shiny one. A speck of excitement hit me. Maybe I had hit something great with my one measly pack. Cue the Price as Right loss music... dun dun dah dah... Mr. Broken foot. Some guys always bring an image to my mind. Alomar = spitter and  Morales = season ending broken foot suffered while hopping on home plate. This card is not blue, it's silver. And as an ode to horrible cutting/centering, this card is butchered.
This Pence is a pop-up card. It looks like it is designed to stand up on a table. OK, let's stand him up!
Ok, now that's cool. I wonder if the sewingmachinegal would let me stand these lil guys up all over the living room?


  1. Card groupies rule! Not a big fan of Topps Lineage's base design either... but I'm glad they're bringing back the stand-ups.

  2. first, pulling a Brave out of a pack is an automatic win.
    second, card groupies? Where the hell have I been?
    third, where's the goodwin?

  3. Dude, I've been to that card shop! I dated a girl from Lowell and when I drove up to Michigan to meet her mom and family I went to that store. I think that is where I pulled a sweet Ken Griffey Jr. bat card from the first year of UD's MVP product!

  4. You know by enjoying that Hunter Pence card you've ruined it's value. ;)