Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cards, eh?

A bubble mailer arrived yesterday (yes, we still have Saturday mail delivery).
In the return address, I spotted a super hero. I have seen this Maple Leafed fellow before. Yes! At the blog of the Waxaholic Brian.
"Hwhy am I getting a bubble mailer from him? We didn't swing a trade for the Suh auto yet. Hmmm..."
Being the scattered in a million directions guy that I am, it's entirely possible that we agreed on a deal, and I have totally spaced on it.
A small note on a business card read, "enjoy the cards." OK. I most definitely will Brian. Thanks.
First card I noticed... the '09 Goodwin Halladay. I've been watching out for one of these SP's for a long time now. I have not wanted to drop the almost 10 bucks sellers want for it. With this card, all I need to knock off the '09 Goodwin set are #'s 201, 206, 207, 212

I can only assume that the inclusion of fat Dante in a Lions uni is some sort of twisted joke.
Great cards B! Thanks.

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