Monday, August 8, 2011

What am I?

Kind of a general question don't ya think?
A baseball card collecting nerd to be sure, but what kind of collector?
We hear about player collectors, set collectors, team collectors, etc.
This morning, while poking around Crinkly Wrappers, I spotted a card that instantly set off my set building alarms.
It was a 2011 Topps Lineage 1975 Mini Relic of Grady Sizemore. The look is similar to this Hank card that's currently available on eFee.
Cool 'eh? wouldn't a full set of those look awesome? Here's the rub; the set is 90 cards strong! 90! Being conservative, if I could pick-up each card for an average of $10 bucks, we're still almost at a thousand bucks to build the thing.
It's so pretty though... I guess I am a set builder.


  1. good luck with that set!! are they numbered like your Magic set?

  2. That's the question... what's the print run? So far, no word at baseballcardpedia. And Topp's website, well, let's say it's lacking in pertinent info.

  3. They are not numbered, although they are tiered. Group A and B and such. They look great and are only one per box but the collective opinion of this set by "collectors" (I use this term very loosely as I think these people are only in it for the money, you know, the Bowman speculators) as a huge dud, a flop, and what ever other negative opinion you can have about it. As far as real collectors (myself included), they tend to like the set due to it's feel and capture of cool things past. So I think with the negative outlook of these sellers, you should be able to build the set kinda easily. The two hard ones (namely money) would be the Ruth and Wagner bat cards. It would be an awesome set to chase though.

  4. I don't think Lineage quite went over w/ the fans as good as Topps was hoping for. I haven't heard a lot of good things about the set in general. That's a shame though as I think the base design and a smattering of the insert sets look great. I'm taking a slightly different route and chasing the 3D set.