Saturday, August 13, 2011

'75 Mini Relics

As I ponder whether or not to build this 90 card set...
*SMG's little voice inside his head  ("what did you just say")
I wonder what the print run is for these beauties. Ted over at Crinkly Wrappers tells me these are divided up into two categories, Group A and Group B. OK, good, but what does that mean? How many of these are there out there? With the 2010 Magic football relics set I'm building, each is serial numbered to /25. I knew the amount of angst that I would endure building it. Anyone know about these '75 lineage Mini's?
Additionally, I wonder about the three swatches in my recently acquired Tigers mini's. The Cabrera swatch is a different type of fabric. Being a SMG, I notice this kind of stuff.


  1. Where's the guy that needed the financial help? I was getting ready to contribute!
    If you decide to build the relic set I've got a spare Gallardo I can trade you.

  2. It looks like Cabby's piece is from the arm pit area. I know the jersey become different there for ventilation.

  3. The print run on these has to be pretty big! These are guaranteed hits in blasters so the majority of them should be pretty easy to come by. I have a Cueto to trade you for something out of the shoebox!

  4. You have an arm pit swatch. Heh, heh. Heh, heh. Arm pit.

  5. gritz76 is right. I got a Carlos Hernandez in my blaster (to be shown on my blog soon).

    I too thought it would be fun to build either the regular mini set or the relic set. I get a kick out of card designs that are older than me!