Friday, August 12, 2011

Inception Thoughts

I don't like to be told that a hobby box is $100 bucks or more. You can serial number every card in the entire set for all I care. I hate the thought of a Benji leaving my grasp for a hobby box.
I'm talking about regular hobby boxes here, not the abominations that Topps Inception hobby boxes are. Inceptions, don't feel like you're alone here (I'm lookin' at you Triple Threads).
I've been following Inceptions a bit over at Sportscards Uncensored. Gellman has called Inceptions "Possibly the front-runner for product of the year". Coming from him, that's high praise, because I think he's mostly critical of the offerings that we get these days. Rightly so, we get a lot of crap.
I e-mailed my buddy Ty over at BB's Sports Cards in Grand Rapids. He has the lowest prices locally. "$100 out-the-door for a hobby box of Inception."
I thought, maybe I will save up and get a box. Until I found out that a hobby box is ONE DAMN PACK OF CARDS! C'mon guys! Really? We call a pack of cards a hobby box?
There's a bunch of great looking cards in Inception to be sure. But, and it's a big but, take a look at this video. It's a good example of the 5 other video's that I watched as guy after guy open packs with auto's like this;

Who the f is Bilal Powell?


  1. I was at my local shop today for about 30 minutes. He has Inceptions @ $99 box.
    He sold three while I was there.

    None to me.

  2. I'm okay with these cards because to get anything similar, I have to pay over $300 for National Treasures or Exquisite.

  3. It's times like this that I know I'm old but,
    $100 for a half-dozen football cards?
    It makes me want to rant like Homer Simpson's dad and go on about onions on my belt and 5 bees for a quarter...

  4. I was at my LCS today and a guy opened a box. He called it Topps "Deception"

    They are beautiful cards though...

  5. I've gotten myself in trouble complaining about $100 for a single pack. I know these are for an entirely different group of collectors.

    How do I know that? If I came home and told my wife I spent $100 on one pack of cards, I'd be using the wrapper on that pack of cards for a) shelter; b) food.

  6. So am I to understand that Ellen Page is not a part of this post?