Saturday, July 2, 2011

Two New Al Kaline Cards

Thanks to a couple of my favorite bloggers, two Al Kaline cards have found a new home.

Rheum Rhabarbarum Cursor sent me this awesome Al Kaline card from 2010 Topps Heritage. The card features a seat chip from Tiger stadium. I have not been to Tiger Stadium in 12 years, but I remember the seats being green. Oh well, Topps wouldn't lie about such a thing... would they?
Next, a guy with hair growth on his chin, upper lip, cheeks, and possibly neck, sent me this 2003 Fleer Skybox Al Kaline Cut Auto #04/75. The card is very angelic in it's all white design. Clean.
Each card was accompanied by other sweet Tigers. I have to go blow stuff up now. So, I will save those cards for another post.
Happy 4th weekend everyone. God Bless America!


  1. It's only acceptable to have neck growth if your last name is Orton, so I keep it clean.

    Glad the Kaline reached you safely. I've got your cards scanned, and should post them in the next few days. Too bad I forgot to snap a pic of the mini keg before downing it. There were like 10 or so pints in there, and it was fantastic.

  2. Great looking cards! I'm jealous you get to blow stuff up this 4th of July. Due to the lack of rain here in Houston they've banned the use of fireworks this year. Have a great 4th!

  3. Love the new Kaline's--don't worry about the Tiger Stadium seat. Those old green (wood) seats were removed in 1977 and replaced with blue and orange plastic seats. If you were to take one of the old ones into a wood chipper, most of the pieces would come out looking like the chip you have, with only a few holding on to the exterior green paint.

    Not saying that it's legit, but it probably is (the seats are widely available, even still), and there are better things that they could lie about with a nondescript piece of wood.