Saturday, July 2, 2011

This Makes No Sense to Me

I don't understand grading a card from 2010. I don't. See the auction here if you must.

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  1. I can understand the wanting to keep a mint 10 card in mint 10 shape for all eternity but cards that are 10 years old or less are not worth paying the cost (whatever it is $50/card or more?) of getting the thing graded. It would be like paying $100K for a car you are only going to go to church in on Easter Sunday and Christmas Morning (or just paying $100K for a car in the first place).

    Ain't no way I'd pay $200 for a card. My limit for ANY card is between $20-$30 max. I can't understand these people who try selling cards on Ebay STARTING at $100+. I can see if there was a bidding war for the card that pushed it to $100 or more, but $100 STARTING BID? No Freaking way.