Friday, July 1, 2011

Oh What a Fun Day!

It was a great week in set building. I posted a message on a Blowout Cards forum about needing help with the 2010 Topps Magic relics. A couple of days passed, and then I got two replies.
 The Rodgers and Polamalu's were tough to come by. I had had opportunities in the past to snag them on eFee, but was outbid by the crazy Pack and Steeler fans.
The Orakpo was an eFee pick up.
I am down to single digits needed to complete the 73 card set. 73, nice round number Topps. My needs are;
#99 Cadillac Williams
#106 Jason Witten
#128 Marion Barber
#186 Dez Bryant
#194 Wes Welker
#204 Chad Greenway
I have a line on a Portis, and a guy at The Bench Forums has a Santonio Holmes that I am trying to pry away from him. Dang Cowboys fans!
Have a great weekend everyone.
God Bless America.
Thanx for checking in.