Friday, July 29, 2011

A Morning Stogie?

The cigar box yielded 8 1954 Topps cards including one double, #6 Runnels. The backs of these cards are great! Three cartoons, stats, a short bio, everything. This Janowicz is horribly mis-cut. 

 Hall-of-Famer Monte Irvin. In eight MLB seasons, Irvin batted .383 (that's not a typo). Threw out the first pitch of a World Series game in San Fran last year.
 Ferris Fain was nicknamed "Burrhead". He spent a few years in WWII right smack in the middle if his career. Guys from this era were kick ass.
One thing I have been noticing about the players from this era, they look old. Check out Bobby Young. The dude looks like he's 50-ish.


  1. Hey, that Irvin is card #3. I've been trying to get one off eBay for a while now. Topps just reprinted it this year, so the reprint floods my ebay searches.

    Ironically, Runnels was #3 in 1962 Topps and Ferris Fain was #3 in 1951 Topps Red Backs.

    Great stuff, man.

  2. Congratulations on the cigar box. That is what collecting is all about. I'm very jealous and happy for you!

    I have that Hegan card! it was at a show, in a "under a dollar" box with a ton of 60's cards going for .10 or .25. I still have him in his crummy wornout plastic sleeves. I even asked the guy, is this really a dime? He said, myeh. Just like that, not a yes, not a no but a myeh. Like I could have just walked off with it and he still wouldn't have cared.

    But this was like mid 80's. Back when people didn't call old cards "vintage" they just called them old. Everyone was way more interested in getting a rookie Ripken or a rookie Henderson or buying Tiffany Topps sets and putting them in a armored temprature controlled vault, 2,000 feet below the earth's surface.

  3. As for looking old, I agree with you. Take a look at a '63 Gaylord Perry. He's like 24 yrs old at that time, but he looks like an extra from Grapes of Wrath.