Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More of the Same Weird Organizing; 1991 Bowman Style

I don't know if I should call it organizing, or dis-organizing.
I started sifting through the 5000 count box of 1991 Bowman that I scored from the garage sale last weekend. The same odd trend emerged that had haunted me during the 1981 Topps sorting.
Groups of the same cards in a totally random order.
I grabbed three handfulls from three different rows. What you see is the same grouping; 172 Eenhorn, 61 Magallanes, 689 Layana, 517 Pennyfeather, 645 Staton, 556 Biggio, 668 Sutko
If I grabbed more handfulls, there would be more of these types of groupings. Weird.


  1. you don't watch re runs of the X-Files, or Fringe, or anything, do you???

  2. Maybe they had intentions of selling as lots and that's how they were sorting.