Wednesday, May 25, 2011

An eBay Burn

I am working on the 2010 Topps Magic Game-Used jersey set. Each card is serial numbered to only 25. The set has been out for a while, and the cards are gradually becoming more scarce. I  picked up this Fred Jackson recently for under $9 bucks shipped. With only 25 cards each, ya gotta pay a bit more than ya want sometimes.
Which brings me to the Johnny Knox card...
There had been one with a BIN of $20 bucks for some time. A) Knox ain't a twenty dollar guy. B) Paying twenty bucks for a Bear not named Payton would go against my religion. I am bound to hate all things Chicago.
Anyway, I sent the seller a message asking if he'd take $12 bucks for the card. A couple of hours pass, and I get a reply.
"Sure, no problem. I have changed the listing. Thanks for asking."
Another hour passes until I can devote some time at work to eBay. I head over to the listing, and it reads; ENDED. This item has sold for $12.

Lesson learned. Don't be such a cheap skate.


  1. Damn man, sucks.

    BTW I got your package today though (just got back to my mailbox after a week out of state). Thanks a billion!

  2. *smack to the back of your head*

    you're welcome. ;)

  3. Want some ice for that?

    Nice Jackson pick up. He's a big part of the Bills offense... hope he continues the success.