Thursday, May 26, 2011

2011 Gypsy Queen For Trade

I probably won't officially build this set. I have the 2011 Heritage to deal with. I've bought a few blasters, a few rackies, and some hobby packs. I have a nice assortment of doubles to trade away. I am looking for anything off any of my want lists. Here's what's available.

The inserts:
Great Ones - GO 20, 21
Home Run Heroes - 19
Future Stars - FS 2, 6, 17
Wall Climbers - WC 5
Gypsy Queens - GQ 1, 17
Black Border Minis; 67, 129, 148
Sepia Mini Jackie Robinson #'d 04/99
Gypsy Queen Red Back Mini's; 3, 55, 63, 60, 104, 111, 199, 232, 282
There you have it. I'm easy to deal with. Make an offer if you need any of these. Peace.


  1. I'd like to lay claim to your two Gypsy Queen inserts. I have two Kimballs you need (21 and 22) if you want to do a straight trade?

  2. I might possibly be interested in the Robinson mini

  3. Sent you an e-mail. Thanks.