Saturday, May 28, 2011

Don't Forget Combined Shipping

Hello fellow collectors. If I don't find some awesome cards during my annual Memorial Day Weekend Garage Sale-ing, this will most likely be my last post until Monday night or Tuesday.
I have a retaining wall to build, landscaping the yard, a couple of golf rounds to get in, see Water for Elephants, grill on the deck, squeeze in a nap or two, visit my parents, and the usual stuff (church, dog, etc.).
Go have a great weekend everyone!

OK. a quick reminder about buying on eBay. Having sold a good amount of cards on eBay, and having bought a good number, I have learned that sellers make some of their profit on the shipping & handling. With eBay fees what they are now, along with the subsequent PayPal skimming, and the USPS rate hikes, it's getting tougher and tougher to make a buck selling the low value cards. It's also tougher find value in buying low end cards. Sellers don't want to sell a card for a buck, pay a bunch in fees etc. and walk away losing money.

Here's what I do. I find a card I like. I search for the lowest cost that includes S&H. I then see if the seller offers combined shipping. Most do. After I commit to a card and a seller, I search for the sellers other items for sale. If there is something there I like, at a price I like, I grab it too.

Case in point; I am seriously thinking about building this 2009 SP Legendary Cuts Destination Stardom game used jersey set. I spotted a King Felix for .99cents. I bid and won it for $1.04 plus $1.95 s&h. That's $2.99 total. Not too shabby for a King Felix card. But, paying $2.99 for the Liriano and Span cards would have been pushing my limits (not because I am a Tigers fan and am sworn to hate all things Twins related). Before I paid for the King Felix, I checked the sellers other items. He had these for .99 cents each plus .25 cents combined S&H. So, I got the additional cards for $1.24 each. Recapping the whole deal. I got three jersey cards for $5.47 shipped. Don't forget to check the sellers other items for sale before paying. You might find a great deal like this.
  Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I love combined shipping as a buyer. I hate it when a seller makes no mention if they combine shipping or not and find out they don't, or that when you buy multiple items from them they only shave a tiny bit off the shipping.

    On the other side of things some sellers use free shipping and send in PWEs if they can so you can't complain about them using the PWE except in your limited space for Feedback.

  2. And if you knew of a Twins collector, for instance, who had a card like a Quad Swatch that included Cabrera and Ordonez, for example, you could have turned around a Twins relic FTW