Friday, April 22, 2011

Can't Hate a Guy Like This

Being a Detroit Tigers fan, I have seen many games against our division foes. Twins, White Sux, Indians, and Royals.

Some guys I have learned to hate, well maybe hate is too harsh. Let's say, rival loathing.

Guys like Thome, Ozzie Guillen, Nathan, Pierzynski, Viola, Manny, Farmer, Hawk Harrelson, Span, Justice, Gladden, Baerga, Hafner, the list is long.

I never really disliked Kirby. Maybe it was the joyous way he went about the game. It's too bad his career was cut short. He was fun to watch.

Snagged this 1985 Fleer PSA 9 Rookie card from eBay for just under $20 bucks shipped.


  1. Tony Gwynn is another guy that I couldn't not like! Both Gwynn and Puckett were a lot of fun to watch (just not when Puckett and his Twins beat out the Braves in the World Series) and their smiles were infectious.

  2. Kirby was one of the true good guys in the sport at the time. His class and spirit on the field are the reason a NY guy like myself started collecting him.

  3. I hear ya, SMG. I think, even though he KILLED the Twins, I never really hated Jim Thome.

    There are a lot of Twins fans that don't like Dan Gladden, but it's pretty common occurance for fans to despise people like their radio guys or their third base coach.

  4. the whole smacking around his wife kinda killed any good feelings I had about him though... not a big fan of guys who do that.

  5. '85 Fleer is very under appreciated. GREAT Pickup!