Thursday, April 21, 2011

It Was One of THOSE Days

I was all set to blog about the most recent pick-up of mine. This 2006 UD Artifacts Auto-Facts Signatures Miguel Cabrera #'d72/250. I bought it from (gulp) The Beckett Marketplace.

Without further ado, the mailman dropped off some stuff today. His mail bag must have looked like Santa's bag.

A big pack from Derek in N.C. that contained a bunch of Heritage needs. Plus some sweet Tigers, including a very nice Fleer Tradition Kaline. There were so many odd Tigers cards that this pack will get it's own post later.

A bulbous bubble mailer from the Bluegrass State courtesy of Johnny aka hiflew. He knocked out mass quantities of my 2011 Heritage wants. Mass quantities!

A re-used mailer courtesy of the recycling conscious DL the Rhubarb Runner contained about 10
more Heritage needs. I always try to peel away the tape and whatnot and see if I can figure out where the bubble mailer got it's origins. This one is tough. A sticker return label, some black scribble sharpie, and tape. Looks like maybe a zip code starting with 7638...

D Wag of Potch Wheeler fame sent me some Heritage and a couple of Kimballs. Again, a recycled mailer. I'm proud to be part of such an environmentally friendly group. This mailer had roots in NY NY.

Lastly, I got a mailer from a guy that lives about 5 miles from here, and has an office about 5 blocks away. Yup, Greg of Nearly Mint lives and works in my hood! He sent me some more Heritage, and 8 cards from my 79 Topps want list.

My readers are great. Card collectors are great. This hobby is a blast on days like this. It could have been one of those days, but it turned into one of those days that I look forward to. Thanks fellas!

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  1. Nice hual. We all strive for those kind of maildays.