Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Sunday 6-er

For some odd reason, I don't know exactly which, I have never built an Allen & Ginter's set. I really like the look of the cards. the thicker card stock is a plus. The artsy style of the images appeals to me. It's a set that a retro set lover like me should be all over. But I am not. I have bought a hobby box or two over the years, a few blasters, and loose packs. The "I gotta build this" bug never bit.
The check-out lane at the Meijer (big box store) near my work has loose retail packs along with the obligatory candy and gum selections, batteries, nail clippers, and weekly gossips rags.
I grabbed one pack of 2010 A&G on my way through.
First, the mini. A dinosaur from the Monsters of the Mesozoic set.
Next, a This Day In History card featuring Joey Votto and Lou Brock. A cool concept. Find a star's birth date that coincides with a baseball record of some kind, and voila, you have a set.
Lastly, the base cards. A Tiger! Verlander with the buffalo stance. Two pitchers, and Copernicus. WTF? The astromomer? Yes, that Copernicus. He had a damn fine head of hair though!
Maybe one of these days, I will delve into a set of A&G. Maybe.

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