Friday, March 11, 2011

Is it Junk-Wax?

When I returned to the hobby of sports card collecting a few years ago, I quickly realized something. I realized that the boxes of cards that I have from the late 80's through the early 90's were mostly worthless.
Our buddy at VOTC (Voice of the Collector) created a "How To" video about how we should handle our junk wax.
I came across a blog about restoring the value of the 87 Topps set. The dude's plan? Burn cards baby! More burning! Check it out.
I have a small stack of Fleer cards. Cards from various sports, and a few different years, like this Mario Lemieux from 1993. All fall within the junk-wax era. They are the same width as a regular sized sports card, but are about an inch longer. The images of the athlete really jump off the card with the extra area to work with. I have not done any eBay research to see if these are worth anything.
Questions; Is everything from the junk-wax area junk? Do we burn it all?


  1. The simple answer is no. Despite the Junk Wax tag being placed on basically anything between 1986 and 1996, there were still some awesome products produced during that time and they still hold a place in collector's hearts. As for worth, that's a funny word because as the theme of Ebay and other auction sites states, "one man's junk is another man's treasure." You will always find someone willing to take what you have. SOmetimes it just takes patients. Burning boxes of 1990 Donruss, 1989 Topps, or 1991 Fleer is fine by me. What you have here as an example...not junk.

  2. yeah, you won't find any hockey guys like me telling you to burn that.... but 95% of that stuff... burn baby burn...

  3. A few weeks ago @ a local card show I saw a lot of people (mostly kids w/ a handful of quarters) buying the so called junk wax. I saw a guy selling a case (?) of 90 Donruss rack packs for $5! Later in the show it was gone.

    I started collecting in 1990 so the 90's cards are "special" to me. Trying to find some of the weird stuff I had as a kid now is hard since everyone deems the stuff worthless and doesn't make an attempt to sell it.

    I'd give stuff away to kids before I'd burn it personally.

  4. I started a small comment, which turned into this: