Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rhymes with "Ton of Good Stuff"

Tunguska =Ton of Good Stuff! You'll see what I mean. I dished off a couple of lovable losers to David of Long Fly Ball to Because... fame, and got back a bevy of Tigers and a Lion. Oh My!

As you can see, Tunguska knows how to properly package a card without f-ing up the top loader. There are a few little things in life that bug me. Scotch tape on a top loader, slow left lane drivers, Ed Hardy shirts, over cooked steak. I could go on. People, a small swatch of painters tape peels off easily. Use it. The Scherzer is from 2010 Topps Series II, and is numbered to 99. Sweet eh? (yeah, eh. I said it).

A few tobacco cards thrown in for good measure.

A 2009 Topps Verlander black background from Target or Wal-Mart, I forget which. Cool looking though.

Wideout Derrick Williams from Topps Mayo. Can you say 3rd round BUST?

Team drunk Miggy Cabrera from Bowman Platinum. Shiny.

Thanks for the trade Tunguska!


  1. nice the Scherzer patch card....hey you working Saturday morning...good chance I'll be in the part of town and may get a chance to stop by...let me know!

    GO BLUE!!!!!!!!

  2. Yeah buddy. I will be at the sewing center from 10 - 4. Swing on in. I have a prize for you.