Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Spitter

I really really dislike Roberto Alomar.
There are some guys in sports that I hate. OK, hate is a strong word.
Some of my most 'hated'; Alomar, Jordan, Claude Lemieux, Millen, The Mailman, Eckstein. There are more. Maybe later.
"SMG, where are you going with this?"
I won a card from eBay a couple of weeks ago. Not this Alomar. A different card (it doesn't matter which one). Yesterday, I get this f-ing Alomar in the mail. A tiny note inside says, "Leave me positive feedback. Thanks."
You want positive feedback about this card? I hate the spitter!
With a little research, I discover that it came from the same guy that I had won a card from weeks earlier. I contact him, and he tells me to keep it. Cool enough. I like free jersey cards. The guy has some nice cheap cards for auction, you can check out his auctions here.

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  1. I get a tear in my eye every time I see him in a Mets and Blue Jays Uniform because I wish they never would've signed him. However through his own dumb ways he's allegedly contracted HIV. Heck even his own wife was suing him for it.