Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Least Favorite Fan Favorite Tiger

2010 Topps Finest #296/299
I have never bought much Topps Finest product. The price point ($150/hobby) is a bit outta my range.

I do however really like the look of the refractors. This Brandon Inge is really a royal blue color. The scan does not do the color of the card justice. I also like the thick card stock used. I wonder why the 2010 Topps Chrome cards were so very warped when these are nice and flat?

A quick thought about Brandon Inge. Inge has a career .237 batting average. In 10 major league seasons, he has 136 home runs. I probably wouldn't mind his paltry batting average if he were averaging more than 13 bombs a season. The number of seasons that Inge has had more hits than strikeouts? Two. He's the all-time whiffs leader in team history.
"But smg, he's a great fielding 3rd baseman!" In 05, 07, and 09, he led the league in errors.

The Detroit Tigers will again use Inge as their everyday third baseman. I await the day we find a better player. We won't find a better man.


  1. Inge is the most controversial Tiger I can remember. He is just such a good person, citizen, teammate etc. that it's hard not too like. He also plays hurt, sacrifices himself for the team through his stellar (and reckless) defensive play, and has been tossed around different positions all for the good of the team.

    But he's not that good of a player. He never really has been. There are times when I honestly can't say whether I like him or not. I guess if the Tigers can win with him then I don't care. He can have two more years, retire a happy career Tiger and we can enjoy the Nick Castellanos era.

  2. @GC ~ Exactly! I wish he were better because I really like him as a guy.

  3. I kinda figured Inge was #1 in Tigers fans hearts. Everytime Detroit comes to town, he always gets the biggest cheers from the hordes of Tigers supporters. Does seem like a pretty stand up guy though.