Monday, March 7, 2011

2010 Topps 2020

I have had a few of those cheap ass plastic baseball card frame things from the big box craft and hobby store sitting around. I put one of them to use.
Thanks to a couple of recent trades (the Beckham came from Chris aka Nacho), and a Sportlots haul, I have completed the 2010 Topps Series II 2020 insert set. The 20 card set is a 3-D card set devoted to players that Topps think will be on the cusp of Hall-of-Fame contention in 2020. The idea is fantastic. The implementation is not. My beef is not so much with the players selected, it's that there are only 20 spots available, and Topps chose 3 Giants and 3 Dodgers. My displeasure in the selections is somewhat lightened with the omission of any Yankees or Red Sox. You read that right folks... not a damn Yankee or Sox to be found here.
A breakdown of the checklist;

T1 Ryan Braun ~ Agree

T2 Gordon Beckham ~ Agree

T3 Andre Ethier ~ Disagree (see Garrett Andersons career)

T4 David Price ~ Agree

T5 Justin Upton ~ Agree

T6 Hunter Pence ~ Disagree (style of play will lead to injuries)

T7 Ryan Howard ~ Agree

T8 Buster Posey ~ Agree

T9 Madison Bumgarner ~ Agree

T10 Evan Longoria ~ Agree (future move to NY will only help)

T11 Joe Mauer ~ Agree

T12 Chris Coghlan ~ Agree

T13 Andrew McCutchen ~ Agree

T14 Ubaldo Jimenez ~ Disagree (hurky jerky delivery concerns me)

T15 Pablo Sandoval ~ Disagree (my biggest beef in the set. His body type will limit him)

T16 David Wright ~ Agree

T17 Tommy Hanson ~ Agree

T18 Clayton Kershaw ~ Agree

T19 Zack Greinke ~ Disagree (talent rich, but mind is weak)

T20 Matt Kemp ~ Agree

Next time, Topps does a set like this, I hope they include a few more teams.


  1. Wow, that looks fantastic. Well done.