Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ichiro and Grading Cards

During one of my recent PSA eBay searches, I came across this 2001 Donruss Rookie card of hit machine, Ichiro. I nabbed it for $5.76 shipped.
From 1994 through 2007, I did not collect sports cards. I have big gaps in my collection. Few cards of Ichiro and few of Pujols.
At first glance, I usually pass over newer graded cards. I can get an unslabbed card cheaper, and the odds of it being mint are good. The bidding on this was low with a couple of minutes to go. I threw down a $5 dollar bid. Bam! It was mine.
If you look close, it is slightly mis-cut. I am assuming that's why it got an 8. A quick search of the bay this morning revealed this same card, unslabbed, going for more than I paid for this one. I am satisfied with this pick-up.
Much has been written about the pro's and con's of grading. I am not going to get too far into that debate this morning. I would like to mention that there are tons of "Junk Wax" era cards available... cheap. You want a Manny Ramirez rookie PSA 10? Go get one for under $20 bucks. Other players that have rookie cards from 1987 - 1994 have cards available at very cheap prices. Picking up cards of stars from the junk wax era is not so bad of a thing to me. What I really don't 'get' is the bevy of PSA graded cards of commons that are available. Are there really guys building graded sets of 1990 Topps?

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    anywho, great pickup! i am still looking for a PSA 9 of Ichiro's Topps RC