Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chutley Played Hard to Get

An odd thing happened last week. Two Chase Utley auto's popped up at the same time. This one, now part of my collection, was an eBay find ($47 smackeroonies). The other is still available over at Check Out My Cards for $60 bucks.
What makes this an odd situation? This card has not appeared anywhere for over a year. Then two pop up in the same week. Weird.
All I need to complete the set are FIVE cards. 83 down... FIVE to go.
Marcus Giles
If anyone has any 2006 UD artifacts stashed away in some long forgotten box, please take a double check for me. I would love to deal for the remaining few.


  1. 3 really good players, a pitcher who was once regarded as such...and Marcus Giles. Such a random list. Best of luck to you man!

  2. You want an odd situation? After six-plus months of getting nothing from a saved eBay search, I got an e-mail yesterday that there were two turquoise parallel Griffey '09 Spectrums (#ed to 25) pop up on the same day!

    Oh yeah, I got one of them.