Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Traded Cards with Justin

I had one of those envelopes arrive yesterday. You know the one... the one that has cards in it that you have no idea where they came from. Could be an eBay purchase made in a Merlot haze. Could be a long forgotten trade package. Could just be a reader sending cards.

Fortunately, this envelope had a small note tucked in with the cards. It read, "Enjoy the cards, Justin". I vaguely remembered an e-mail from a month or two ago where someone offered a serial numbered card of legendary chain smoker, Jim Leyland. Here it is, a 2006 Topps Leyland numbered 1362/2006.

Justin also threw in 6 cards from my 2009 Topps Magic want list. Including a mini of Tashard Choice.

You can see his blog here. Check it out. It's good (even though he's a Cubs fan). Thanks for the trade Justin. Your Cubs cards are on the way.

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