Monday, February 7, 2011

A Question of Will Power

I have been working on the 2006 Upper Deck Artifacts Auto-Facts Signatures set for about 9 months now. I discovered this set when one of the ladies at A Cardboard Problem showed off a Nick Swisher auto. I looked into it, and decided to try and build it. The set contains many great current and former players. At 89 cards strong, it has been a challenging chase. I only need 7 cards to complete the set. One of the cards I need is the Pedro Martinez. There has been one listed on eBay for the last two weeks. The guy re-listed it yesterday after it sitting a week with no bids. The problem I am having is; I don't want to pay $50 bucks for the thing. I offered the guy $40 bucks for it. He counter offered $45 plus shipping. The card is serial numbered to only 100 copies, but I don't think it's a $50 dollar card. I was so close to firing the PayPal gun on it. Somehow, I willed myself away from it. I really want to complete the set, but hell, $50 bucks?!

Out of spite, I won two jersey cards from the set. Got both for $5.65 shipped.

Have you ever wanted a card so badly, and not been unable to convince yourself to buy it?


  1. Dude, I have two Pedro autos from the mid-90's (Leaf and Donruss Signature). I bought them about 7 or 8 years ago when Pedro was hotter and got both of the for about $28 per. The dude wanting $50 from you is nuts.

  2. Back when I was collecting Granderson I faced this dilemma all the time. How much was too much? Am I paying for rarity? Specific sets? Aesthetics? It all got very frustrating. More often than not my cooler head prevailed and told me not to pull the trigger on a card I knew to be over priced. But every now and then...

  3. I was never able to pull the trigger on a Reggie Jackson on-card certified auto. Someday?

  4. Bite the bullet and secure the card for your PC, especially when you are in the single digits as far as completing a set.

    You may not find the Pedro for a while after it disappears this time around.