Wednesday, February 9, 2011

1967 Topps

The oldest set I have ever completed was the 1979 Topps set. I have been thinking about a set from the 60's. I was born in 67. I am seriously thinking about chipping away at this set. There are designs I like better, like the 65's, but the set from my birth year has a simple neatness to it that appeals to me. Plus, I like the comics on the back.

If you've got any doubles laying around, let me know.

One more thing... if you go to the Topps website, and search for this set, you get a "NO RESULTS FOUND" error. Great site Topps, just great. I did a quick google search for the checklist last night, and couldn't come up with a very good one. Anyone know where to get a good printable checklist? Baseballcardpedia does not have one either.


  1. has a good selection of printable checklists. The '67 list is here:
    Also, was reading Mark's Ephemera blog yesterday and he mentioned, which is sort of like becketts site, only free, with a card database where you can track your collection online. I checked it out and its pretty cool, but it doesn't have printable checklists.

  2. Zistle does have a function where you can download the cards to an excel spreadsheet. You just have to hope that the checklist is complete on the site. I think most of the older sets are complete.

  3. This isn't what you're looking for and perhaps a little tedious, but it gives you a look at every 1967 Topps card. Go to Million Card Giveaway site, starting with this link:

    You can page thru all the cards after that by adding to the number in the cardID on the web address (there might be an easier way, but don't know what that is)

  4. be forwarned, the high numbers are a B*TCH on this set! Seaver and Carew RCs being king dogs!

    it is a beautiful set though