Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Winner Chosen (Very Scientific)

In trying to come up with the winner of today's Super Bowl, I relied upon a very scientific method. I took these two cards, 1990 Topps Rod Woodson and 1993 Upper Deck Reggie White, and put them to use.

First, we have my willing assistant, the sewingmachinedog. She can sniff out a winner in no time.

Next, I placed the two cards on the floor. Each card was placed on top of a dog treat. The sewingmachinedog could barely contain her excitement!

When I gave her the OK, she let her highly trained nose do the picking. Which ever card she went for first would be the winner of today's game. She went for the GREEN BAY PACKERS!

There you have it folks. In a very tightly controlled experiment, the sewingmachinedog has predicted that The Packers will win today's big game. Call your bookies now.


  1. Very nice! Just keep her away from the Germans next World Cup.

  2. I think you have that backward. If she chews up the card, I think that means they will lose. Just like the way the Steeler's Defense is going to chew up Green Bay.

    I like that outcome better.

  3. I like your scientific method of picking the winner. Can the sewingmachinedog help me with this weeks powerball numbers.