Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Traded Cards with Colbey

One of the ways I like to trade is to offer cards from someones want-list, have very little negotiation as to what I will get in return, and then wait for the surprise to arrive in a bubble mailer.

Colbey over at Cardboard Collections needed some 09 UD Goodwin Champions cards. I sent him a stack of them. I asked for any Detroit based cards in return. What a return it was!

A great assortment if Tigers inserts, included the Greenberg manu-patch card at the top. The Dick Perez painting Cecil in the 93 Diamond Kings is great. A deckle edge Granderson from the Ticket to Stardom set that was widely panned, and a few more round out the lot.
Three new Cabrera's that I needed. Cards of the reigning A.L. MVP are ..wait, er, check that, they gave the MVP to a guy that only played 130 games. The gold boarder is numbered 323/2010.
Megatron cards are always nice. If the Lions ever make the play-offs, his value in the hobby will skyrocket. If you have not watched a Lions game lately, do yourself a favor. Try to stomach one. Calvin is special.
An assortment of Lions including two Matt Glassford cards.
Some early 90's Skybox Pistons. These 91's scream 90's don't they? Lots of teal and neon. My friend had a Mercury Zephyr that he tried to make look cool by putting neon colored wiper blades on.
Somehow, I usually feel like I got lopsided in trading. I always like the cards that I get back more than the cards I send away. This deal was no exception. Thanks for the great trade Colbey!

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  1. Glad you liked the cards I sent. Hope we can do it again in the near future.