Sunday, January 16, 2011

What to Do... With a Tebow auto?

A couple of posts back, I lamented an unspectacular three packs of 2010 Topps Magic football. Today, I took a small gasp of breathe when I opened another pack of the stuff.

I am not a big Tebow guy (although I admire his faith). I don't 'get' why his cards and jersey's and other stuff is so sought after. All I do know, is, it IS sought after.

Probably the biggest pack hit of my life was the 2008 Goudey Tiger Woods auto. The thing was horribly mis-cut, but it still pulled in $2300 bucks on the bay.

This Tebow is one of the Ultra-Low numbered short print auto's released in this years set. There are only 15 of these in existence. This one is hidden in my card-cave.

The Tebow hysteria, if it can be called that, could fizzle out next year. Or, it could skyrocket if he becomes the starter and flourishes.

Currently, there is the same card on the bay. With a couple of hours left, the bidding is at $177. A Tebow/Elway auto went for $300 and something. A couple of chromes numbered to 10 went for $202, and $226 respectively.

First, I will trade it if someone wants it. I would like it to go to someone that really wants it. Secondly, if I do try to eBay it, when should I do it? Now or later?


  1. Sell now, he could break out I suppose (though I highly and seriously doubt it), but he's much more likely to plummet in terms of on-field and off-field success.

    If you decide to sell, sell while the selling is a guaranteed good.

  2. I personally would sell (or look to trade) now. The Bronco's franchise is in a state of flux right now, so his future being a long term starter is very uncertain. I think the hysteria is hitting it's peak and I would cash in

  3. Nice hit!

    I'd be up for working on a trade. Drop me a
    line, let's see what we can do.


  4. Sell, and sell now, before the Super Bowl is over, and along with it, football season.

  5. I tend to collect a lot of Christian athletes (Carson Palmer, Matt Hasselbeck, Kurt Warner and several baseball players) and I've thought about adding Tebow. I like when players are outspoken, but not in your face...Tebow seems to fit that mold. I'd love to offer up something in trade, but I doubt I have anything to entice you to do so.

    Selling it now seems to be the logical step as others have said. What ever you do I wish you the best of luck!

  6. find a guy with a Suh auto to trade back....

  7. Very nice!!! I'd sell it now as others have said as his stock may not be higher than now but is not that always the question?

  8. Congratulations on the pull!

    If you are looking for a Suh auto in return, we have one up on ebay right now we'd be willing to pull if we can work something out. Feel free to email us if you're interested. communitygum at gmail