Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ever Get the Wrong Card From eBay?

Today I got a bubble mailer. It had a tracking on it, so I knew it would come today.

I was expecting a couple of 2009 SP Authentic's, Stephen McGee and a Maurice Jones Drew.

I got this 2005 Bowman Chrome Matt Cassel auto. A nice card, but not what I won.

I sent the seller a message earlier. He gave it the old, "I have been so busy with stuff. Sorry, I will look into it."

I will update this situation as things unfold.


Update: The seller has tracked down the two cards that should have come to me. Apparently, the guy that got my cards is going to send them directly to me. The seller wants me to send the Cassel directly to the guy that should have got it. Sounds like a reasonable thing to do.


  1. Weird man, just weird. I hope that dude starts sweating that real soon. Good luck.

  2. At least he responded. I'm assuming you paid w/ PayPal. If the seller doesn't offer to do anything just open a complaint that you did get what you should have and it'll all get worked out.

  3. I had that happen once. I ended up with some Star Wars cards instead of a Barry Bonds bat card. The seller took care of things. He wanted me to send the cards to other buyer but I told him no. I also made sure he reimbursed my shipping costs back to him.