Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's Kinda Like Wallpaper

I have been saving the boxes that cards come in for years. There is something about the artwork, and the colors that intrigues me. I probably have around one hundred boxes. Some of them I have been toting around since the eighties. Below is a small sample of the mass of them in my card cave.

Last night, I started to put them to use. My card cave used to be one of our kids' bed room. The robin egg blue paint needed to go. Instead of paint, I am using the boxes as wall covering. I cut off one of the panels, usually the top. Then ModPodge it to the wall. That section of wall is next to my sorting desk. I will put up a pic when it's all done.


  1. kinda reminds me of upside-down tetris

  2. Looks like you're developing a problem area next to the Heritage box. How are you planning on filling the odd shaped space?

  3. you have a very understanding wife.....

    oh, and an uninvited tip? If you start in the middle of the wall, maybe your favourites, and work outwards, it will go a lot better. Kinda like laying tile....

  4. Dang! I do have a 'problem area'. I was going to find an end to a blaster or something like that to fit in there. The tile idea is a good one.
    I have not shown the sewingmachinegal the wall yet. She will understand though.
    Last night while doing this, I was watching Intervention. Irony...

  5. That is a fantastic idea! Can't wait to see a final picture.

  6. This is an awesome idea... I don't think I'd be able to pull it off, but I'm going to see if I can talk my nephew into doing it.