Saturday, January 22, 2011

SewingmachineGal Predicts the Games

2010 Topps #150 ~ 2008 UD Icons #16

Between two longtime rivals of the Lions, the sewingmachinegal likes Green Bay to win this one. When pressed for a reason why, she said, "probably because of Rodgers."

2010 Topps Magic #109 ~ 2008 Topps #275

In the AFC contest, the sewingmachinegal selects the Jets. Why? "They have Sanchez, right?"

With a few minutes of pondering, you have it. An all green Super Bowl awaits.


  1. well, we'll see. My wife says Green Bay and Pittsburgh. Since she won the fantasy league this year, I bow to her expertise.

  2. I'm thinking the same outcome. Packers and Jets for the Super Bowl. It will give the game an old school feel. Also it would be the first time either of those teams were in the show in this century. The last time for Green Bay was 95? and the Jets their only time in 69.

  3. I'm leaning towards a Packers/Steelers Super Bowl... but it could just be wishful thinking. Go Pack Go!

  4. Packs, Steelers....methinks sewingmachinegal is going by looks (Rodgers and Sanchez) rather than team play :)