Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cards from the North, eh.

Way back in December, I think, it's been a while, I spotted this Ryan Perry card on the blog Pictures of Men. Like I usually do when I see cool Detroit Tigers or other Detroit based sports cards I desire, I sent a 'hey how about trading that' e-mail. Dennis said, 'sure, no problem.'

Nothing happened with the trade for a month. I kind of thought it was dead.
'It's just a Ryan Perry auto. No big deal. I don't have a bunch of Blue Jays anyway', I said to myself.

The trade was anything but dead. It had grown like the blob. I got a mongo bubble mailer from Canada yesterday. It was chock full of Detroit Tigers goodness. The Perry, check. Verlander Chrome 206 #'d 24/499 check, 2000 Finest Encarnacion check. Check, check, check, check, check... and on it goes. There were about one hundred cards in all.
I grabbed a few of my favorites for display. The 87 Gibby is a great looking card. 1965 Tiger's Team card. 65! Didn't have it. 91 Leaf Sweet Lou gunning out a baserunner. (Aside; now that Alomar is in the HOF, shouldn't Whitaker be in?) Ty Cobb Polar Bear mini. Porcello Chicle.

Dennis you're the man! I will get your package of cards out early next week.

One last thing; if you do a Google search for 'Pictures of Men' you get some very homo-ish results.