Friday, January 7, 2011

Joy of a Completed Set

A bubble mailer from North Dakota arrived today. It contained the last card that I needed to complete the 1982 Kellogg's 3-d Super Stars set. A studly looking Steve Kemp.

Thanks to Paul over at Crawford Cards, I now have the 64 cards set. By the way Kellogg's, thanks for that 64th card. Murry is very very lonely on that last page all by himself. Did we really need a card of Neil Allen?

There are 23 Hall-of-Famers in the set. Many of them are wearing awesome porn type 'staches. Check out Buckner!

Oh, and thanks to the sewingmachinemom for buying all that cereal back in 82.


  1. congrats! I'm still working on my set...

  2. 80's Kelloggs sets are awesome... I really like this particular design with the blue frame. Congratulations on the completion!