Sunday, January 9, 2011

Detroit Tigers Collage

I had the day off. I spent a large portion of it sifting through a huge box of baseball cards, and two big albums full of 9-pockets. Both were full of Detroit Tigers. Being a lifelong Tiger's fan, I have loads of doubles. So, when you see that I have die-cut a Kirk Gibson rookie card, don't be alarmed... I have about 10 of them.

This piece measures 20" X 16" and is on canvas. It features cards from many of my personal all-time favorite Tigers, and many fan favorites.

It was tough settling on which cards would be featured in whole spelling out the name DETROIT TIGERS. I went with Trammell, Lolich, Kaline, Fidrych, Fielder, Cabrera, Morris, Gibson, Jackson, Ordonez, Whitaker, Horton, and Inge.

There are bits and pieces of cards from Jim Walewander, Larry Sheets, Wayne Krenchiki, John Wockenfuss, and many more. I hope you enjoy it.


  1. Very cool! I hope you don't mind if I steal the idea.

  2. @dkw ~ Thanx. Have fun creating one. My first one was a small one with my grandson's initials in the middle. I think it was 12" X 8".