Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm In a Bad Mood

I hope the morons that list and buy cards on eBay read this post.

Hey idiot sellers... Please quit clogging up my searches for Piece of Authentic with your stupid stickered auto's! A sticker is NOT A PIECE OF AUTHENTIC! Why must I sift through your garbage, jackball?

For you buyers... Pay for your damn cards! Really, you gotta wait five friggin days to pay for a 3 dollar card, a-hole?

That's all.

1976 Welcome Back Kotter #1


  1. Best card I've seen today! I feel your pain on the eBay issues.

  2. Ah, eBay. The best place to buy/sell cards. The worst place to buy/sell cards.

  3. While sellers are at it, list the combined shipping rates for more then one card you fools.