Thursday, January 27, 2011

Finally, 08 Goudey Completed

When I returned to the hobby in 2008, this was the set that sparked my interest. Upper Deck Goudey. Cardboard stock, loaded with current stars and legends, a great game-used and auto checklist, it had it all. I soon learned what a short print was. When I was a kid back in the 70's and 80's, there were no short printed cards. Yeah, some of the early 70's high numbers are scarcer, but nothing like the planned shorting that is so prevalent today. I bought a few hobby boxes, tons of blasters, and tons of blister packs. I chipped way at the set bit by bit. I actually had enough base sets (1-200) to give some out a couple Christmases ago to the neighbor kids. I grabbed many SP's from eBay, a few from Sportlots, a few arrived via trade, and these last two arrived today courtesy of Check Out My Cards. I now have the whole 330 card set. ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY SHORT PRINTS! It feels good.


  1. Congrats..always nice and feels good to finish a set like that

  2. Congrats! Are mini's part of the 330 card set? I thought they were a parallel set or something.

  3. Mini's are parallels. At this point, I kind of Franken-setted it a bit.