Saturday, January 15, 2011

3 Pack Magic Football Ripping

I grabbed 3 Hobby packs of 2010 Topps Magic football while I was at BB's Sportscards yesterday. 8 cards per pack.
The results;
Pack 1;
15 Dwayne Bowe (mini)
2 Earl Thomas
32 Dan Marino
RS-8 Golden Tate (Rookie Stars insert) I always think "Golden Taint" when I see him.
193 Rogers Staubach
166 Johnny Knox
118 DJ Williams
163 Matt Leinart
Pack 2;
142 Anthony Gonzalez (mini)
21 Frank Gore (SP)
187 Joseph Addai
102 Philip Rivers
239 Derek Anderson
173 Vincent Jackson150 Ronnie Lott
44 Drew Brees
Pack 3;
129 Ben Tate (mini)
RS-19 Dexter McCluster
199 Demaryius Thomas
169 Dwight Freeney
207 Michael Jenkins
97 Armanti Edwards
92 Kevin Kolb
178 Carlton Mitchell
Review; One short print, two inserts, and three mini's. Not a 'hit' amongst the group. It happens. We open packs hoping for an auto, a refractor, a serial number, something that goes pop.
Then we get three basic packs and feel a bit let down. Why? I got a sweet Dan Marino. Shouldn't I be happy? Yes. I am being programmed to think that a great looking basic card isn't that great. Well, they are. They are mine. I got them in a pack of cards. It was fun sliding back the top card to reveal the next card in the little stack in the palm of my hand. I felt like a kid again. At least for a couple of minutes.

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