Friday, December 31, 2010

The Last 4 Bubble Mailers of 2010

The last few bubble mailers of 2010 netted me four cards from the 2009 SP Authentic Sign of the Times Signatures autographed set. These cards feature on-card auto's. Damn! I miss Upper Deck. I just can't 'do' hockey cards.

Last night, the sewingmachinegal and I were at the mall. The big LCS with the high prices is there (OK, it's called Legends Sports & Games). I asked the clerk where the Magic Football was.
"Um, er, let me check." Feverishly button hacking his computer.
"2009, we're sold out." He replies.
I tell him, "I'm looking for the new 2010. I saw blasters at Target."
"It's not out yet. Retail always comes out first."
Blankly staring for a second, my response is, "Oh, ok, I will head back to Target. Thanks."
Dude says, "Thanks for stopping in."

First, why didn't he offer me a deal on a pre-order of a box? Not that I would have bought from them, because of their ridiculous prices. But, still, that would have been a good business practice.
Second, retail always comes out first. I am not a know-it-all, but I am pretty sure that's not true.


  1. At last, an LCS that is as bad as mine (I think the guy you talk to shuttles between your store and mine).

  2. That's a bunch of baloney...All-Star Sports had it already for about a was also at the place on Division whose name escapes at the moment...