Thursday, December 30, 2010

More 2010 Magic Football Images

I ripped the last four packs from my 5 pack birthday buy. I am really liking the look of these cards. The shading and shadowing is really fascinating to see. If Patrick Willis played basketball, they would say that he has "good length".

Is there a more underrated running back than Thomas Jones? Dude just gets it done year after year. Since he seems to be a vagabond type of guy, how about a stint in Detroit? The CJ is one card from a sub-set named Magical Moments (1:4 packs).

Top selling N.F.L. jersey this year? Tebow. Not Vick.


  1. You "suckered" me into buying a box of the Magic today with your little "peep show" the other night :) Went to All-Star sports today...been awhile since I got back there from the early summer. They are great looking cards...if you decide to do the set let me know, I may have some doubles from my box to trade for ones I may need...did get 4autos instead of the announced three...Aaron Hernandez of the Patriots was my fourth and only good auto

  2. @Greg ~ Cool! They are cool looking. Four auto's is great. With 190 parallel auto's, there are certainly gonna be some dogs... lots of dogs. I will let ya know if I decide to go after the set.

  3. they do look purdy. a million times nicer than last years "effort"

  4. I picked up my first pack today @ Target thanks to your previous post. I love 'em - and I don't normally go for non-photographed cards. Thanks for helping me add yet another set to my building wish list!