Tuesday, December 7, 2010

eBay, COMC, and Sportlots. Is there anywhere else?

How could Upper Deck screw things up so badly? They make awesome cards! When I sift through boxes of stuff in my collection, invariably, the coolest looking cards are Upper Deck. Check out this 2009 SP Authentic Sign of the Times autographed card of Detroit Lions legend Lem Barney (#15/25). It's beautiful. A great looking card with a hard signature. NO STICKER! I have never tried to build a football set, but this thing is a beauty, and I'm considering it. You can see the 33 card set details here.

I got this bad boy on eBay for about $12 bucks. I have used Check Out My Cards and Sportlots in the past.

QUESTION; Aside from those three, are there any other places to get cards?


  1. bargainbaseballcards.com

    They don't have a ton of high end stuff but there are plenty of set builder needs and they aren't crazy with the shipping prices.

  2. I sometimes buy stuff off of collectors on Sports Card Forum.

  3. I've used www.bgsportscards.com before with very good results.

    also, www.ginagaincards.com, again, with good results.

  4. Try Beckett marketplace. I don't use their price guide but there are a ton of venders set up on their site. I have used a couple different ones. I like to find a particular card on there then search by vendor and pick up whatever deal I can find. Most have fee shipping on a $50 purchase.

  5. I second Beckett's Marketplace. TONS of good stuff there. That's where I do most of my shopping.

    Also the Blowout Forums, I've checked those out a lot lately. Crazy deals to be had.

    http://www.baseball-cards.com/ isn't bad. It's sort of a weaker version of bargainbaseballcards.com, but sometimes you'll find oddballs there. I found a bunch of O-Pee-Chee I needed that weren't anywhere else.

    And actually Amazon has cards too. They're often priced terribly, but you'll find stuff there sometimes. I bought a rare-ish McGriff relic there once when the price was right.