Monday, December 6, 2010

You're Not Being Cool, You're Being Lazy

I am chipping away at the 2009 Topps Magic football set. One of the great things about this set, is that there are autographed parallels of every card in the 250 card set. How cool is that?
When I am looking around the usual places (eBay, COMC, Sportlots) for cards, I try to pick up auto's cheap.
I grabbed this card for $5 bucks. Probably 3 bucks more than it's worth considering this lame ass signature.


  1. I think that may be the Doctor Symbol - You know the one with the staff and the snakes - perhaps Mr Breaston was using his scholarship at Michigan to obtain a his Med School Degree. The Man is to be applauded. Either that or it is a Glyph of The Olympic Torch.

  2. Breaston isn't good enough to sign like that.