Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Cool Looking Set

Tonight I was sifting through one of the big Garage Sale boxes that I bought back on Memorial Day weekend when I came across these cards. 1999 Topps Stadium Club. They caught my eye, and my hand. Nice thick 20-point card stock. I was out of the hobby from about 1992 until 2008. So, finding cool looking stuff from my off years is kind of fun.
Images that go all the way to the edge of the card with no border. A very minimalist approach to the overall design.
The card backs have the player stats from 1998. Detailed stats too. Home/Away, Turf/Grass, Day/Night. At the bottom is a neat factoid about each player. The card numbering is not top left corner where I like it.
The player name at the bottom makes for quick sifting. The curved line with Stadium Club logo sits atop a faint image of a baseball. The upper right corner has a small outlined team logo. The photography definitely is the focus of the base cards.

In doing a little research on the set, I learned that; A) Topps has a crappy website with little information about their sets. B) BaseballCardPedia is sweet.

At 355 cards this set is do-able. I'm off to look for a hobby box or two.

Question; What the hell is Triumvirate Luminousness anyway?

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  1. I broke a box of that for a group break earlier this year and I have lots of commons if you want them. Throw me a few $ for shipping and I'll send them all to you!