Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Beautiful Turkey Red

While scouring a box for some doubles to trade to Joe at the Sandlot, I came across this gem. A 2007 Topps Turkey Red baseball card of Ken Griffey Jr. Card #150 is a Dick Perez work of art. The yellowish cloud formation really highlights Griff.
When I returned to the hobby in the Spring of 2008, the retail shelves were full of 2007 products. Turkey Red was in abundance. I started buying blasters, and after falling in love with the artistry in the cards, I bought a few hobby boxes too.
I am quite close to completing this set. I am just a few short prints, and a few ad-backs away. There is a want list over to the right of this page.
The set also includes some cool checklist cards. This one of Griff cruising into second base is one of many

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